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Class Descriptions




3yrs - 4yrs

Our Pre-Schoolers Dancers will learn basic steps and terminology of Ballet and explore their own creative movement styles through the use of imaginative music and games in a safe positive environment. Dancers in this class will improve flexibility and coordination through fun, age appropriate movement, and excesses. Our instructors use creative games, upbeat age-appropriate music, and props to inspire and excite students about dance. Students also practice classroom skills such as following directions, listening, and working with others. Stage prep and awareness are also introduced.


Ballet I

5yrs - 8yrs

Our Ballet I class is a great place for beginners to learn the fundamentals of ballet technique and terminology. We provide a positive and encouraging environment where students can learn and grow in their skills. In addition, we also emphasize stage performance awareness to help dancers gain confidence and prepare them for a successful future in the world of dance.


Ballet II

9yrs -11yrs

Ballet II is perfect for dancers who are looking to develop their technique and performance skills. This class is designed for intermediate to advanced students who have prior experience in ballet and are looking to take their skills to the next level. Our instructors will guide them through a series of challenging exercises and drills that will help them develop strength and control while refining their technique. Dancers will also learn advanced choreography that will help them develop their performance skills.

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