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About Us

Vibez In Motion is a Visual Performing Arts Studio in the Making...

Our goal for Vibez is to become a full functioning comprehensive conservatory school for the Visual & Performing Arts Community.

We encourage and support from our community, friends and families. 

Any source of help to assist Vibez with this goal will be greatly appreciated. 

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We are a curriculum based studio that focuses on Dance, Art and Vocal lessons.


Our Dance program includes a balance of classical and contemporary techniques, infused with Caribbean instruction/choreography.

Ballet, Jazz, Afro-Modern, Hip-Hop, Acro & Lyrical/Contemporary we have open dance classes as well as Comprehensive Conservatory programs.


Our Art lessons follow our mission to encourage the growth and development of creative free-thinking minds. Our students learn to enjoy, appreciate and create art, while engaging in drawing/painting, mixed media and textiles. We work hard to create a safe-space where our young artists feel comfortable and empowered. 

Our Vocal lessons are taught with care for the developing voice. We focus on resonance, breath control, intonation and development of high and low registers.

At Vibez we provide students with a motivating program designed to develop coordination, concentration, self-confidence, and responsibility. These strong qualities provide a firm foundation for success as students become young adults.

Meet The Team


Tasha Williams

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Studio Owner & Director


Tameka Smith

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Studio Manager


Tiffany Ross

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Vibez Dance Team Leader


Terrance Debose

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Hip-Hop Instructor

Community Outreach Director


Danielle Canty

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Music Director


Katrina Salley

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KraftyVibez Art Instructor